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Working with Resin:4 Things I Wish I knew as a Beginner

working with resin

Working with Resin Art has become a popular hobby. Everywhere I look people are showing off Resin Artwork and displaying their river tables. One of the reasons people like crafting with resin is its versatility. Pour it in on a canvas to display on a wall, preserve a wedding bouquet, decorate your own furniture, even patch a boat. The Resin Art ideas are endless.  You’re able to have a unique look every time. No two projects turn out the same.

But there are Pros and Cons to working with Resin.  Scroll down to find out the 4 reasons for and 4 reasons against working with resin, I wish I knew as a Beginner.

Good Points: 4 Reasons why people like using Resin for Crafting

  1. Versatile Material-Can be used to cover paintings, create art or jewelry, preserve flowers or heirlooms, Resin can be used to decorate countertops or furniture and if a good quality Epoxy resin is applied correctly it can last for many years.
  2. Unlimited decorative Resin Ideas-No limits, you are able to add as little or as much color and style as you like. Come up with your own ideas, the more imaginative the better. There are many decorative items and colorants available and approved to be used in Resin. There are a few things that do not blend well with resin-like water, oils, silicone. If there is ever a question I would keep safe, do your own small-scale experimental test first.
  3. DIY personalized gifts- People like to receive custom jewelry, original art or there are so many cool things made from Resin molds
  4. Renew Surfaces-Turn something old into something new. Add color to Matchup other items in a room. Furniture, Countertops, floors

Working with Resin: 4 Things I wish I knew as a Beginner:

4 not so fun Reasons about using Resin for Crafting

1)Expense-You can make some very cool and creative things however if you let it, this hobby can become expensive very quickly after you start adding up all of the tools and the different colorants.

Tip: You don’t have to buy all of the tools right away. If you’re doing small projects, maybe substitute a grill lighter for a butane torch for popping bubbles

 2)Setup-The setup can be time-consuming. There is no such thing as doing a quick project.

 3)Resin Clean up-Resin can be messy, you’ll soon notice, even if you think you were being careful, everything you touch (maybe even look at, LOL) will have sticky Resin on it. Hence my favorite hashtag, #stuffjustgotsticky

4)Curing Time-Resin Curing time is highly affected by the brand and type of Resin being used. That’s just the beginning, Temperature and humidity also get calculated into the curing time equation.

You can watch videos to learn about Resin Art creations and just like almost every how-to-video,  some details will be left out. For the best Resin Project outcome. I highly recommend every beginner Resin Artist start with taking a resin course from a qualified instructor or resin artist. This way you’ll get a better understanding of all of the steps: Timing, temperature,  and Preparation. Then practice on smaller projects before moving onto any large ones.

For information about Working with Resin Workshops click here > MOY Resin Envy Resin Art Classes


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