8 Most Common Reasons Resin Sticks to a Silicone Mold

Does Epoxy Resin Stick to Silicone?

Resin Sticking to a Mold is Common, and Here’s Why:

  • The silicone mold is right at the end of use. Yes, silicone molds do not last forever, and they have a useful life. As such, at a specific time, mold will dry out and tear over continual use.
  • You haven’t used a mold release so far. This substance helps the resin castings pop out in just seconds while also prolonging the life of the mold.
  • You didn’t mix everything evenly so that the result will be sticking to the mold.
  • You haven’t been scraping the mixing utensils, either the sides of the mixing container, for several minutes. Make sure all the resin has been mixed thoroughly right before pouring it into the mold.
  • You have been using a torch that can remove all those bubbles. If you have been doing this, then a possible result can be mold melting and sticking to places. Instead, consider using a heat gun.
  • You chose molds that are not genuine silicone. If you have been using non-silicone molds, then you might deal with issues such as resin sticking. Especially the polyurethane molds, they have been known for these kinds of problems with demolding resin castings.
  • The resin is way too hot. When you are mixing resin with the hardener, the wax will generate heat. However, too much heat might melt the mold and cause the polish to adhere.
  • The silicone mold has not cured evenly. If you notice some spots of uncured silicone, there is a possible sign of project disaster. The resin that has not cured will stick in all those areas and tear the mold once you try demolding it.

How to Keep Resin From Sticking to Molds

If you are dealing with resin sticking to silicone, then you should consider using some mold release agent before pouring your resin. You simply need to apply a couple of light layers, and the mold release will do its job. . As such, the process of unmolding goes much more smoothly.

Furthermore, this critical step makes the resin less likely to make tears in the mold.


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