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Resin Art Classes

MOY Resin Envy Classes and Workshops

What to expect when you sign up for an MOY Resin Envy Class or Workshop

  • We keep our classes small to give an excellent student-teacher ratio and provide an inviting learning experience
  • Classes are structured in a way that will deliver value through using high-quality professional products and by sharing useful resin Tips & Techniques with each class
  • Our classes cover the basics and are suitable for any beginner
  • Each class and workshop’s goal is to help everyone gain knowledge that will allow our students to try DIY resin projects at home, and have fun while doing it.
Heat Gun on Epoxy
MOY Epoxy Table Top class
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Resin Craft Workshop Calendar

March 3, 2024 

Call to schedule  (717)757-5300

January 21, 2024


October 1, 2023

Featured Resin Craft Workshops

Epoxy Resin Table Top Class

This is by far our most popular resin coating class

Learn how easy it is to create Art on a Table Top with Epoxy Resin.

This is a beginner-level class designed for anyone wanting to master the basics of Epoxy Art or just a desire to have fun.

MOY Resin Envy will provide all instructions and supplies needed for each person to complete the project. minimum age 16

Resin Art Table Top Workshop


Learn how to decorate your own Lazy Susan with Resin. You can get detailed training over the course of a few hours.

Participants get hands-on experience in this course, which means each student will get to mix, pour and experiment using our resin products.

We provide a “Live Demonstration” along with all step-by-step instruction and supplies needed for you to complete your own Lazy Susan

Can you put anything in resin

 This workshop is designed in steps from start to finish, so you can learn how to DIY resin art at home. Best of all nothing beats the hands-on experience that you will be getting.

All participants will get to craft their very own resin accessory tray, which means designing, picking out colors, mixing, and pouring into silicone molds to cure.

Plus experienced instructors are there to mentor you along the way with valuable tips, and techniques, and be accessible to answer all of your questions.


resin serving board

Decorate your own Charcuterie serving board.

Here’s your chance to make a great homemade gift or add an impressive conversation piece to your own special occasion collection.

This class will cover: What type of resin to use, types of resin pigments, epoxy resin safety, resin art tools, and resin tips and techniques

furniture makeover after

Resin on Wood Workshop

This is an advanced-level workshop. Learn all of the steps of how to transform an ordinary piece of wood into a one-of-a-kind treasure with Epoxy Resin.

This hands-on, how-to resin-on wood coating workshop is a  perfect way for DIY Crafters to skip beginner mistakes.

Detailed steps of everything you need to know to complete your own projects at home will be covered. From a how-to prep wood demonstration to pouring your own epoxy resin art project. minimum age 16

Resin on Wood Workshop fee is $375.

Private Resin Craft Workshops

cutting board casting resin

Private Resin Session

This workshop is for Artists and Crafters alike. The 2-hour private, 1-on-1 class is a perfect way for anyone to gain knowledge and useful DIY tips for working and crafting with Resin, without the group setting

What are you wanting to take away from your private workshop? We can have fun with the basics or go more in-depth.

MOY Resin Envy provides one-on-one personal instruction that will be geared to the individual need.  

2-hour Private 1-on-1 class, minimum age 16


MOY Epoxy Table Top class

Private Resin Party

MOY Resin Envy 3-hour private party workshop. Sign your group up, and choose to make either Coating Resin Art Table Tops or Casting Resin into an Accessory Tray mold.

MOY Resin Envy will provide all instructions and supplies needed for each person to complete the project. The Group project must be selected in advance.

This is a fun party idea for a girl’s night out. Celebrate an anniversary, showers, or holidays. Bring a birthday cake or a buffet of food. BYOB, water & soda is provided.

The 3-hour Private Group workshop fee is $150. per person, 4-12 people, minimum age 16

For further information or to sign up for the 3-hour private group click find out more to inquire

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