Metallic Pigment Powder: 8oz jar


Elevate your craft to a whole new level with our vibrant and colorful metallic powder pigments.

8 oz. jar  Purmetalx Metallic Pigment Powder

These exquisite pigments are not just a mere addition to your creative toolbox; they are the key to unlocking the true magic within your creations.

Our pigments offer a spectrum of brilliant, shimmering colors that effortlessly blend into your projects, by adding incredible depth and dimension.

8 oz. jar  Purmetalx Metallic Pigment Powder

Very popular decorative powdered pigments, and in a wide variety of beautiful and shiny colors. Purepoxy Metallic powdered pigments are designed to provide a beautiful finish, and color brilliance, and add depth.

Different unique designs can be made by manipulation to create beautiful results and effects. Their quality, lightweight, and color variation make them a very popular choice and product within the resin art community

Weight3 lbs

Blue Pearl, Glitter White, Great White, Bright White, Silver Pearl, Flash Silver, Ultra Sparkle White, Flash Gold, Dolphin, Satin White Grey, Silver Grey, Light Grey, Luster Grey, Caviar, Black Pearl, Black Grey, Violet, Magic Yellow, Bright Red, Magic Blue, Aztec Gold, Red Pearl, Pink, Coffee, Flash Brown, Fresh Green, Ocean Blue, Rainbow Blue, Gold Blue, Peacock Green, Chestnut Brown

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