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ICECAST DEEP: Crystal Clear Casting Epoxy 2:1


ICECAST DEEP is a two-component, low odor, epoxy casting system.

Crystal clear casting epoxy is used for mass castings with thicknesses greater than 1 inch (2.5 cm) and up to 4 inches (10-25 cm) depending on the volume.

ICECAST DEEP EPOXY is Crystal clear and ideal for mass castings, and deep embedding, and gives a magnified appearance.


ICECAST is an epoxy resin cured under normal temperature and low-temperature conditions. It is UV resistant with anti-yellowing, strong adhesion, good fluidity, and natural defoaming. It is formulated for a long gel time to cure more evenly, with low exothermic heat buildup after mixing.

ICECAST has a low VOC content, for user safety and reduced environmental impact.

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Crystal Clear Deep Casting Epoxy: The highest quality crystal clear raw materials, uncomplicated resins for craft, tables, and casting.

Low Viscosity & Longer cure time: The low viscosity led to very few suspended bubbles. While pouring, they floated to the top and released with ease.

No odor- Low Viscosity: You can be comfortable pouring in your house as ICECAST has zero smell.


Embedding and encapsulation
Resin jewelry
River castings
Bartop or tabletop

Molding resin
Art or crafting resin
High build coatings
Mass castings

Make sure that the room temperature of the ICECAST resin and hardener is maintained at 59 – 70°F (15 – 21°C).
In a dry, clean container mix 2 parts of resin (A) with 1 part of hardener (B). Minimize air bubble formation as much as possible by gently mixing for 1 to 2 minutes with a spatula. Stir well along the inner wall of the container and then let it stand for 3-5 minutes.

It is important to note that the pot life will be shortened in a warmer environment and lengthened in a cooler climate. Hence the handling time will reflect the temperature level. Also, the greater the amount of resin being mixed, the shorter the pot’s time will be.

When the relative humidity is greater than 85%, the surface of the cured product easily absorbs moisture in the air to form a white mist. Therefore, when the relative humidity is greater than 85%, it is not suitable for curing at room temperature. It is recommended to use warm curing.

Clean all application equipment with acetone. Once the product has hardened, it can only be removed by sanding. It is advisable to clean immediately after use.

ICECAST should be stored in a dry place between 59 – 70°F (15 – 21°C), out of the sun and out of reach of children.

Resin and hardener should not be left in an open container.
ICECAST DEEP should be used where humidity is under 60% and temperature is between 59 – 70°F (15 – 21°C)
Use a dehumidifier if needed.


1.5 gallon, 3 gallon