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The Quick Fix: How to Get Bubbles out of Resin

Quick Fix to Get Bubbles Out of Resin

Working with Epoxy materials can be a bit intimidating, especially if you have little experience. However, once you learn the main tips and tricks and understand how to pour and mix the resin successfully, it is easier to see what went wrong from the beginning. Then you can more easily know a quick fix for: How to get bubbles out of resin.

So if you are super excited to get started into resin arts and crafts finally, you should definitely know some steps in avoiding possible issues, such as bubbles. This guide will take you through some important secrets of working with resin to create some amazing crafts while also keeping the tons of bubbles under control.

We know how frustrating those huge bubbles in your finished work can be or the cloudy surface of some resin jewelry you wished to wear so much. When it comes to epoxy resin, one of the main issues is that it froths and blushes at the surface. However, the heat might be your secret weapon from now on, so are you ready to find more tips?

Best Way To Remove Air Bubbles? Heat!

With so many brands of Epoxy on the market, having occasional issues pop up while working with resin is unavoidable. While some brands of resin might offer a higher quality than others, other resins need to be applied in thin layers to avoid a ton of bubbles.

Although there are lots of tips and tricks, we will share the top ones that really had a good result for us. As such, no matter the brand of resin you will be using, these tips and tricks will be worthwhile. So hands up if you also hate those bubbles in Epoxy.

Using the heat techniques are at anyone’s fingertips, and the tools we will refer to are maybe even sitting in your closet as we speak. Without wasting any more time, here are our top choices on getting bubbles out of the Epoxy.

The Butane Torch-One of the quickest ways to get bubbles out of resin

resin torch

Do you know that butane torch that comes in the creme brulee kit? You might have never thought about using it out of the kitchen. Well, you should know that a butane torch is perfect for getting bubbles out of resin.

A butane torch provides the highest level of heat, more than the usual heat gun. No wonder many of the resin artists prefer using a torch instead of a heat gun for that reason. However, there are still some debates in the resin community, and some artists have claimed that the alcohol in the resin ink might react in contact with the heat. Now, as you know, alcohol is flammable. Yet, there is a small amount of it in the ink of resin. Be aware of this information and keep it in mind.

You can buy butane torches or big propane torches from most supermarkets. You might already own one of those larger green ones, but they can be a bit bulky and heavy. We recommend you use a creme brulee torch, which is smaller and allow you to work on the finer details and, finally, get all those tiny bubbles out of the resin.

The Heat Gun-Our Next Choice To Getting Bubbles Out Of Epoxy

heat gun

The heat gun can be the next tool to be effective in getting all the bubbles out of resin. Pay more attention while using it, as it is usually more powerful than the torch. As such, if you use a heat gun, it might push the Epoxy and change a bit the designs of the resin instead of leveling the surface and, finally, eliminate all those bubbles. If you don’t have a torch, then a heat gun can be an option, but be as careful as possible. Pushing your resin around can give a much softer look to your overall design.

A Hair Dryer Can Pop Resin Bubbles Out

hair dryer

Another tool to use for eliminating the bubbles from resin without spending too much money is the hairdryer. However, you should use a diffuser attachment, so the heat doesn’t cause other issues. We bet everyone has this kind of product in their bathrooms. When using a hairdryer, set it at very light heat, not the most powerful setting.

Nevertheless, there is one issue regarding using the hairdryer method: the warm air can blow around some small particles of dust, which can go right into the resin mixture and ruin your project.

Coffee Mug Warmer-A Kind Of Unique Hack For Heating Resin

coffee mug warmer

Some of the best tools to warm up the resin is by using a heat lamp, an air gun, and, surprisingly, a coffee mug warmer. Yes, this is an ideal tool for mixing the resin and hardener. While you are applying the resin at room temperature, supplemental heat might be necessary, so the curing time decreases significantly.

The Grill Lighter-A More Handy Tool To Get Bubbles Out Of Resin

grill lighter

If you want to get rid of all those annoying bubbles, you can use a grill lighter and quickly go over the surface of the resin. Using a grill lighter is one of the fastest and most effective ways to eliminate the bubbles from Epoxy.

Go over the resin from one to three times, right as needed, and I recommend you wait several minutes in-between the sessions, so the Epoxy cools down. Keep in mind, holding the flame in one spot for too long will burn your resin.

Is Warm Water Bath Will Provide Heat In a Pinch

warm water bath

Another easy way to eliminate the bubbles is by using warm water and a microwave. So, you will only need some warm water in the microwave, so it turns hot, but not until the boiling point.

Now, you can place the resin and the hardener containers in plastic bags, then let these bags inside the hot water. Take your time, around ten minutes, until the resin is softer.

Make sure the water doesn’t get into the resin. Otherwise, the Epoxy might not cure evenly.

Last Thoughts

Try a few of these ideas, see what works best for when you need a quick fix to get bubbles out of resin. You’ll be able to obtain a bubble-free piece of resin art.

So, whether you are a professional working with resin or at your first projects and want to perfect your craft, today, you now have some of the best tips and tricks. We hope you can more easily create your own piece of resin, and from now on, bubbles won’t be a problem.


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