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HEAT GUN vs TORCH for Resin


Let’s say you have carefully measured the perfect amounts of hardener and resin, so there will be no mistake in creating your very latest resin project. So you start pouring and spreading the resin, and you notice all the annoying bubbles coming out on the surface of the epoxy resin. Thus, the battle to remove resin bubbles begins.

These air bubbles usually appear because you have been mixing the two elements too fast or aren’t working at the proper temperature. As such, the unpleasant bubbles will rise and show up on the surface immediately, which requires you to take some measures. The first thing that I turn to, when it comes to the battle to remove resin bubbles is either a heat gun or torch.

Some of these bubbles will pop on their own as soon as they hit the surface; however, others will need some extra work to be removed. If you ignore them and do not get rid of these bubbles immediately, the surface of your project won’t be crystal clear, and the result of your work won’t be as beautiful as you like to be once cured in the end.

Heat guns and torches are some of the most popular methods to get rid of air bubbles. However, people would like to know the main differences between these two solutions and find the best tool to avoid and eliminate all those annoying bubbles coming on the surface of your resin projects.

Keep reading, as you will see below we’ve compared Heat Gun vs Torch, both will remove resin bubbles from your project. However, in the end, you’ll have a much different result.

Why Is A Torch The Most Common Solution Against Bubbles?

Is it essential to use a torch to get the perfect surface of your resin? Is this the only and most excellent solution? Well, in short, the torch is one of the best tools to get rid of the bubbles in the resin. Luckily, other exciting and successful methods are also ready to use. It is essential to try the one that suits every individual and their working style.

Some of these methods use a pin, even blowing through the classic straw; nevertheless, these tools are primarily slow and even ineffective. Others would also use a hairdryer in the desperate situation of getting rid of bubbles and blowing the dust into the wet resin.

On the other hand, butane or a propane torch will completely change the way experts or novices work. By using this type of tool, the artist will have great control over the heat and its intensity. The result will be a flawless more expert-level finish.

However, some can be pretty intimidated by the idea of using a torch. They shouldn’t be. But sometimes, people need alternatives. Read down below, to find everything about using a torch versus a heat gun to eliminate bubbles efficiently.

Removing Bubbles - Difference Between A Heat Gun And A Torch

People have usually seen torches for removing bubbles from Epoxy’s surface; Tutorials are full of these tools. However, you may be wondering about other devices that are also going to have successful results against bubbles.

The Usage Of A Heat Gun

The principle of using heat is simple. This tool uses air, warm air, hotter than you would get from a simple hairdryer. What is for sure is that using a heat gun is much more efficient than blowing through an essential straw or using a toothpick.

Nevertheless, there are still some risks when using a heat gun. Once using a heat gun, there is a chance to blow dust into the resin and a lot of air onto the wet surface. As a consequence, lots of dust might appear on the Epoxy surface.

The final verdict regarding the heat gun is the following: heat guns might be an excellent tool for young grasshoppers, but not for the experts.

Downside: Using a heat gun to pop resin bubbles can make colors look soft or cloudy.

Using A Butane Or Propane Torch

A torch is undoubtedly the next level if you want to be a pro when working with Epoxy resin. Although the previous tool is also based on heat, there is no match for the intensity of a torch.

A torch is working on two levels: first of all, the flame will help get rid of the bubbles. On the other hand, the flame will incinerate surface dust during the process of working with resin. Experts will claim that it is less likely to utilize any other tool once using a torch.

Downside: A torch uses a high temperature, direct flame, and it could easily burn or melt molds if you swipe too slowly.

Last Thoughts

When gearing up for the battle to remove resin bubbles, choosing a heat gun or a torch for removing those pesky Epoxy bubbles is only up to each individual. So whether some feel comfortable with easy tools, like a small torch, or more extensive versions of heat guns, what is for sure is that the flame is by far the best ally when it comes to removing bubbles and keeping that sharp and flawless finish.


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