3 Ways to Get an Epoxy Resin Gloss Finish

How to Give Your Resin Project an Instant Gloss Finish

1. Use a Shiny Mold Template

The best solution is to start out with a shiny template to prevent a dull surface. The easiest way to make your favorite castings all glossy is to use a shiny mold. Consider this, right before casting in the mold, check if the surface is shiny.

If the answer is no, then it is kind of unlikely to obtain shiny castings. For instance, not all molds are shiny, if you use molds for making soaps, you won’t get that polished epoxy resin gloss finish.

Another extreme example would refer to using harsh chemicals or abrasive tools that aren’t meant for use on molds. Eventually, the mold will break down, lose that smooth shiny coating, which the roughness will pass on to future projects, and you won’t obtain the Resin glossy finish.

As such, it is essential that if you want your resin casting to have a shiny gloss finish, before pouring your resin, check your template, as long as the template looks shiny. You can get that glossy resin Casting.

However, what if the resin ends up with a cloudy matte surface? Why does this happen, and how can DIYers avoid this dull final look?

The very first thing that might go through your mind is throwing away everything. But, please, don’t do that, and keep on reading.

You are not SOL!

Everything can be fixed, even the most cloudy resin projects. Once following the advice below, you can turn even the most stubborn dull finishes into a glossy resin appearance.

Krylon Acrylic Gloss Coating

2. Spray Resin Project with Resin Gloss Spray

Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating is an easy way to get a gloss finish to your DIY epoxy resin project, simply by spraying it to fix the issue. This gloss spray should work perfectly to get that shiny looking back again. This clear acrylic coating spray does have a strong odor so outside use is highly recommended

Ways to make dull resin shiny

3. Top Coat with a layer of Resin

Another simple solution is to just add a layer of resin after your project cures. Use a paintbrush to simply paint on a thin epoxy resin topcoat to get that gloss finish.

There you have it, 3 easiest ways to getting an Epoxy Resin Gloss Finish


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