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Epoxy Resin Artist


Epoxy Resin Artist

artist Dana

I am a planner…perhaps, a dreamer.

I love color and all things that glitter.

I like balance and clean lines, a clear vision.

I believe that confidence and perfection spawn from overcoming obstacles and challenges presented to us.

Nature has a calming effect on me.

Music helps me focus.

Art is a form of self-expression, it provides an outlet for us to creatively convey emotions, test boundaries, and stretch outside our comfort zones.

MOY Epoxy Table Top class

Art made its way into my life at an early age. I started drawing as a child and continued with that throughout school. Small-scale crafting projects were popular in my household growing up. We lived in an old farm house with many out-buildings with slate roof shingles. Extra shingles were stacked along the sides of the barn. My brother and I spent countless hours of our childhood drawing on the slate shingles with rocks. 

Another fond memory I have was every year my grandmother calling and asking us to collect the little pine cones from trees around the house so she could make wreaths. Being in Florida she didn’t have access to the mini pine cones and we loved the challenge of collecting them for her.

Eventually, I started using clay and then evolved into acrylic painting/pouring and resin art.

Is it necessary to seal paper for resin

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