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Epoxy Countertop Training Class

Check back to find out when the next Epoxy Countertop Training Class will be or call to schedule a private class

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Time to make your countertops look like a million bucks


No Countertop classes on the calendar at this time, but no need to wait, call for a private training class.

Epoxy Countertop Class date: TBD

Location: MOY Resin Studio, York PA

Cost: $225.00 per person

Call to register: (717) 757-5300

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Epoxy Countertop Training Class

Do you want to learn an easy way to add value to a home by bringing a new updated look to an old countertop? This workshop is designed for both the DIY homeowner as well as any skilled craftsman looking to amp up their existing business with a new skill.

The best of both epoxy worlds, technical & Art Resin, will be represented in this class. MOY FloorFX and MOY Resin Envy are collaborating and both be present for this training event.

Epoxy marble Pour

Some of the highlights this Epoxy Countertop Class will cover:

All of the steps to prepare the countertop

 Full details of applying each required coating

A live demonstration showing pouring techniques and special effects

Final steps on how to complete an epoxy countertop

Classroom hands-on experience including mixing and pouring

And more

Epoxy has been around since the 1930s. Most recently, the request for epoxy countertops has skyrocketed. And now has become more popular than ever around the country for homeowners and custom builders.

Heat Gun on Epoxy

Tired of trying to put all of the steps together by wasting time watching Youtube videos? Here’s the problem with that, besides deep holes in their information, a lot of those videos become outdated rather quickly.

We’ll fill in the details to those deep holes. You’ll get a complete rundown of each step in the appropriate order or when you leave this workshop you will have the level of knowledge and confidence needed to create an impressive countertop.


Q. What makes this Class the best place to learn how to Epoxy Countertops?

A. Easy, you are getting the best of both worlds in this class. The technical and the artistry side will be covered both layers are essential for making the perfect countertop.

Q. How hard is it to epoxy a countertop?

A. When you are working with any epoxy it can be somewhat temperamental, you have to make sure you don’t throw off that chemical balance or you could wind up with a big mess to clean up. Follow the rules for time/temp/measure /mix and you will be on your way to a finished project.

Q. How long does it take to epoxy a countertop?

A. Depending on the countertop and the epoxy that you decide to use, the amount of time needed to complete the project will be different. What’s going to make the biggest difference in time would be how much prep work your counter may need before the primer coating. You will be prepping the counter, priming, and coating. For more durability or depth, maybe you want a top coat and then wait for the full cure.

Q. Are epoxy countertops food safe?

A. Our countertop epoxy meets USDA requirements for incidental food contact. As an added bonus once cured, it is resistant to bacteria.

Q. Are epoxy countertops heat resistant?

A. Our countertop epoxy is formulated specifically as a high heat resistant countertop finish to prevent hot pots from leaving marks on the surface of the epoxy.

Q. Are Epoxy countertops durable?

A. Epoxy has an extremely hard/durable surface that should last for many years.

Q. How to clean an epoxy countertop?

A. No special products are required, warm soapy water will be all that’s needed to clean an epoxy countertop. If you’d like to give it more shine go with an ammonia-free glass cleaner.



Countertop Epoxy High Heat Resistant

1.5-gallon kit (coverage 70-80 sq feet)


Epoxy 6150RC

48oz. kit (coverage 70-80sq feet)

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