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4-ways to Create Depth in Resin Art

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Resin Art Techniques

Create Depth with Resin Art

4. Create Depth with a Heat Gun

One way to create depth in your resin art is by alternating clear coating layers in your project. 

Step 1 Base layer. Use either a clear metallic resin or if you are working with a high viscous resin and don’t have a thicker resin readily available, you can add a liquid translucent pigment (not recommending an alcohol ink due to it being highly flammable) to give your base layer some color. 

Step 2 Time to add the next layer. Next, add ribbons of metallic pigmented resin.

Step 3 Final Step: Use a heat gun to blow around the edges of the ribbons, the heat will soften the edges and push the heavy metallic down to the bottom.

Repeat steps

3. See Depth in Resin Color Combinations

Think Shades and Tints. Try using a monochromatic color scheme.

Start with one single base color, 

Then create many shade variations of it by adding white to lighten or, you can darken your base color by adding drops of black

Another good option to change the tint would be add drops of grey to lighten or darken the hue


example of getting depth with color combinations

2. Layering Resin to Create Depth

Create resin depth simply by layering your pours

Start with 8oz. of resin per square foot of surface. 

When it comes to choosing your pigments, less is more, and go for pigments that have different weights, ie: don’t choose all those gorgeous metallic pigments that we love. Use some pastes or liquid tints as well.

example of layering to get resin depth

1. Use an Epoxy Resin that Magnifies

Use ICETHIN or ICEDEEP crystal clear magnifying epoxy. 

ICETHIN can be used as a coating resin or atop coat up to 1″ thick to intensify the depths of your project

ICEDEEP is perfect for embedding or encapsulating items between 1″-4″ deep.

epoxy that gives a beautiful 3D appearance

ice epoxy
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