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Our Epoxy Resin group started out by beautifying homes and businesses, applying epoxy to mostly floors and countertops. Then, we took that experience, expanded to epoxy distribution, and trained people like you, on how to use coating and casting materials, including but not limited to Art Epoxy, deep casting, Polyurethane, Acrylics, plus decorative pigments.

Our main goal at MOY Resin Envy is to help you gain knowledge, get the right products, and have fun. We do that by offering the best quality art resin products and instructions available.

We have a selection of workshops, all require no experience. Some are merely an easy, fun epoxy craft classes.  While other workshops are more extensive, plus you can also schedule private classes as well.

For those interested in DIY, we offer the advantage of using our experience as a shortcut. We make it easy to obtain the know-how and techniques while using all of the right products. Our workshops can help you learn the complete process, through actual hands-on experience. 

To complete our ultimate goal of offering the best art resin products and instruction available, we teamed up with Resin Artist Dana Dame, to share creative techniques and Host Workshops.

With the best Art Resin products and instruction available, MOY Resin Envy can help streamline your learning curve past wasting time and money, straight to having fun and creating beautiful masterpieces with Epoxy Art Resin.


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